The Smallest Viable Audience

Seth Godin with some smart insight.

The strategy of the smallest viable audience doesn’t let you off the hook–it does the opposite. You don’t get to say, well, we’ll just wait for the next random person to find us.” Instead, you have to choose your customers–who’s it for and what’s it for. And when you’ve identified them, the opportunity/requirement is to create so much delight and connection that they choose to spread the word to like-minded peers.

Not everyone, but someone. And it turns out that someone’ isn’t as easy as it sounds. When you strip away the alternative mantra of you can pick anyone, and we’re anyone,” then you have to lean into the obligation of being the sort of provider that people would miss if you were gone. That’s not easy, but people with this sort of focus wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is like the idea of getting to 100 true fans.

May 22, 2022