The Onion Has Been Permanently Banned from Twitter

This is an elite level of satire from The Onion as first reported by Metafilter. I laughed and laughed…

Just hours ago, in a sudden, inexplicable, and chilling act of censorship, The Onion has been permanently banned from Twitter. Read all about it on their Twitter page. This is a dark day for journalism and sets a grim precedent for the freedom of expression in America. The truth perishes in the night.

It’s Been 11 Minutes Since The Onion Was Banned From Twitter. So Why Isn’t The Mainstream Media Covering This?

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Twitter, Enemy Of First Amendment Rights, Permanently Bans The Onion

BREAKING: Our Intern Is Being Forced Into A Hunger Strike Until Twitter Lifts Our Ban

You might ask yourself: if they’ve really been banned, how are they tweeting about it constantly? I mean, aren’t those literally their tweets right there?

That’s just twitter brainwashing you, pal. The only way to get around The Onion’s Twitter ban is to go to their fucking website.

Twitter brainwashing…

April 21, 2022