They Think Their Hate Makes Them Special

John DeVore, writing at his site Humungus, explains simply and without any pretension the mind of the current Republican Party.

It is obvious that their plan to win back the House and Senate during the 2022 midterm elections is straight from their oldest playbook: preach prejudice, spread lies, and legitimize fears, no matter how irrational.

And here’s the crux of everything Republican today:

What is most galling about right-wingers, though, is how proud they are of their intolerance, as if it makes them special little snowflakes. They spit hatred at cis women and trans women and people of color and they do it with their noses in the air, all superior and haughty. They wear their bigotry like a gold star.

Their political strategies are morally offensive reruns from a past they should all be collectively ashamed of but they aren’t because winning is the sole goal, no matter the carnage. This retreat back to the old ways is a symptom of ideological rot — at the moment, conservatives believe in nothing but whatever gains them a short-term advantage on the TV, on social media, and at the ballot box.

And so they tell the faithful and those full of doubts that their fears are noble, righteous even. A white man in this country will sell out his neighbor if you nod approvingly as he explains one of his convoluted, paranoid conspiracy theories. What’s that Mike? The Democrats are actually a secret Satanic sex cult? Sure!”

I’m so, so tired of this bullshit.

April 11, 2022