Why Denmark Is Done With COVID

Derek Thompson, writing for The Atlantic, explains Denmark’s decision to lift all COVID restrictions.

The author spoke with Michael Bang Petersen, a Danish researcher who led a global survey of COVID attitudes and advises the Danish government. It is interesting how the country handles the public perception of vaccinations and mandates.

In Denmark, people are in favor of vaccines, with more than 81 percent of adults doubly vaccinated, but also very opposed to vaccine mandates. There are no political parties in Parliament that are loudly advocating for vaccine mandates. When the legal framework for pandemic restrictions was formulated, there was a big discussion about vaccine mandates, but that provision was ultimately taken out. I think this is partly related to the fact that our vaccine coverage is so high, so people might feel less of a need to force people to be vaccinated. But also, research suggests that vaccine mandates might enhance what makes people anti-vaccine in the first place, like distrust of authorities and feeling like they’re being forced to do something that’s bad for them.

I hope this goes well for the country. Obviously, the kicker is the vaccination rate. If the United States had that number, we’d be opening everything up too (we already are, I know).

February 7, 2022