Russia Begins Large-scale Invasion of Ukraine

Russia has invaded Ukraine. So far, this has been a conventional war with shelling and missile strikes.

I think this is the first major European war in which one country has invaded another with the intent of permanently taking its territory since World War II. Chilling stuff.

The New York Times has a continually updated breakdown of what’s happening.

Also, don’t forget Ukraine was at the center of the second impeachment of Donald Trump, which he only survived because Republicans could not be seen voting against the sitting President and also the reason Paul Manafort went to jail. Of course, Trump praised Putin’s savvy” invasion. What a sniveling lapdog.

Probably the best reason Ukraine was invaded was to try and stop the country from joining NATO. As you might already know, dear reader, when one NATO country is attacked, ALL NATO countries are attacked, and we’d be knee-deep in World War III.

It still might come to that.

February 24, 2022