Donald Trump is practically daring prosecutors to indict him

Kevin Drum, writing on his site Jabberwoking, marvels at how Donald Trump is out there just incriminating himself.

I haven’t written about the mounting evidence of Donald Trump’s desperate attempts to hold onto power after losing the 2020 election, mainly because it seems like we’ve known most of this stuff all along. But it’s true that we’re now at a point where Trump is essentially admitting everything in public:

  • He wanted Mike Pence to overturn the election.

  • He personally asked his aides to investigate seizing voting machines.

  • He has suggested he would pardon the January 6 insurrectionists if reelected.

  • He asked his supporters to hold the biggest protests we have ever had” if prosecutors try to hold him accountable.

  • He tried to persuade the Georgia secretary of state to find some extra votes for him.

As always, keep in mind that his supporters don’t care about any of this. Thanks to Fox News and others, they believe that Democrats stole the election and therefore Trump was justified in doing practically anything to fight them.

Why hasn’t the Justice Department just arrested him? Was any of this not illegal? This smells like it’s too expensive or time-consuming to actually prosecute and Trump knows it.

Look, Trump nor anyone in his family will ever face serious consequences for their crimes. There are a lot of investigations happening, so maybe something will stick? I’m just not holding my breath.

February 2, 2022