Will He Stay or Will He Go?

I don’t really care too much about Sean McVay or the Los Angeles Rams. However, the story about McVay considering retiring at age 36 is interesting. Dylan Hernandez, writing for the Los Angeles Times, has the story.

The Rams were only a handful of hours removed from a Super Bowl LVI celebration that extended into Monday morning when coach Sean McVay said two words with potentially alarming implications for their future: We’ll see.”

That was McVay’s response to The Los Angeles Times when asked whether he would return to coach the Rams next season.

I find all of this fascinating. He’s been a coach for five years. He’s only 36. He has decades of coaching ahead of him. Why retire?

It seems like the most natural thing to do once you are set for life financially. Of course, I think I know the answer. To get to that level where you are in an incredibly high-paying job like professional athlete, you are obsessed with that sport. Change it to lawyer or doctor and the dynamic doesn’t change. Those individuals want to keep doing the thing they love.

If I were a betting man, I’d say McVay stays a head coach for at most five more years and then moves to something possible just as lucrative, but with far less pressure and stress like broadcasting.

Still, I’d love to see the number of people 40 years old or younger who become so financially wealthy at a relatively young age they can retire and do so.

February 14, 2022