Can Rams-Bengals Give the NFLs TV Ratings a Hollywood Ending?

It seems the Super Bowl has not been getting tremendous ratings these last few games. If you’ve been following along this year you might know the last six NFL playoff games have all come down to the final minute, with five of those games being won on the last play. Those games have jumped up in television ratings.

On the other hand, last year’s Super Bowl fell to a 14-year low dipping below 100 million viewers. Yikes.

Tim Baysinger, writing for The Wrap, outlines the teams and what it will boil down to regarding ratings.

It didn’t help that last year’s game, despite featuring Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, was a snoozefest that was dominated by the Bucs defense. This year’s game pits the hometown Rams who get to play in their own stadium in Inglewood, Calif., against the Cincinnati Bengals and rising star quarterback Joe Burrow.

For the Bengals, it’s their first Super Bowl since 1989, while the Rams were in the Big Game just three years ago (they lost to the New England Patriots in the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever).

As we’re seeing with this year’s playoff games, if it comes down to the final minute, the league and broadcaster NBC will get a Hollywood ending.

I could not care less about who wins or loses. Mostly, I’m just hoping for entertaining commercials.

February 12, 2022