The Unvaccinated Are the Extreme Fringe

Will Leitch on how finally the unvaccinated are the extreme fringe.

People like Djokovic — and Aaron Rodgers, and Kyrie Irving, and Joe Rogan, and Ice Cube — always think people are on their side, like they’re the leaders of some sort of vast movement, like they have public opinion entirely on their side. But they don’t. They’re in the vast minority. And it’s not just that: It’s that most people are absolutely furious about their vaccine stand, and they’re not going to stand for it anymore. People like Rogan believe the majority of people are on their side because that small number of people who are on their side are so loud. But being loud does not make you plentiful.

It is so tiresome to have these loud people dominating the conversation when a vast majority would prefer, they just shut up.

January 17, 2022