Aaron Rodgers sucks and has always sucked

Drew Magary on the tired act of Aaron Rodgers:

If you still wanna call Aaron Rodgers the greatest quarterback of all time, whether it’s because of his incomparable style of play or because you just don’t wanna say it’s Tom Brady like everyone else would, go right ahead. I’ve idolized terrible men in sports, and I’d be fine with the character clause for the Baseball Hall of Fame crumpled into a ball and then smacked 475 feet into a flowing river. But SOME measure of public accountability would be nice here. I’d like the man booed.

I honestly don’t care. Contrary to popular opinion, I do not have a favorite NFL team or player.

I wish he was vaccinated, and I hope he doesn’t get seriously ill and die, but if at least if it keeps him from making stupid State Farm commercials I’d be happy.

November 3, 2021