Kyle Rittenhouse Is A Dumb Kid Who Killed Two People And Is Adored By Angry White Men

This headline by John DeVore is troubling, a little shocking, and sadly all too true. I have only seen the odd clips of this trial, but from what little I’ve seen it looks like the judge is biased, but ultimately it won’t matter what the jury decides.

It doesn’t matter if Rittenhouse is acquitted. I don’t think he should be but I’m not part of the jury. It’s not my say. If he is acquitted, however, it will send a message to right-wing extremists that shooting protestors is possible, just not the ones waving blue Trump flags, or the ones trying to kick down the doors of the U.S. Capitol. But it’s open season on the woke, otherwise.

It also doesn’t matter what the verdict is because this dumb kid’s life is ruined. He’s going to be used as a political prop by conservative white men drunk on hate for years. He may get to go TV! Make some money. He’ll be called a hero, and then, one day, he’ll be forgotten by the powerful and he’ll be left alone with his conscience. I hope the dead haunt him.

Not soon enough.

November 11, 2021