The Real Conspiracies Are Staring Us Right in The Face

Jessica Wildfire, writing on Medium, throws down some truth bombs.

The world isn’t run by lizard people.

It’s run by a bunch of greedy, short-sighted billionaires who want to build massive fortunes at all costs, while delaying the consequences as long as possible. Everyone loses, but they believe they’ll be able to escape on yachts and space ships. They’re probably trying to upload their minds to supercomputers as we speak.

The real conspiracies aren’t fun to talk about. It’s not easy to admit that the world really is controlled by billionaires, the people who distract us with cool shiny things 24–7.

Nobody wants to support climate action, labor unions, or human rights if it means giving up some of those cool shiny things, or having to pay more for them, or wait longer.

It’s a deal breaker.

Unfortunately, this is what we’ll have to do if we ever want to solve the greatest problems of our generation. 

October 7, 2021