Look Up In The Sky! It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s Bisexual Superman!

John DeVore tackles the complicated announcement that Superman is bisexual.

Trump-loving Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel wants America to know comic books are turning the country into one big godless orgy,

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The idea that tiny kids are reading comic books, and not teens and adults, is laughable. Out-of-touch. Mandel is just telling an old story to greying voters about evil forces trying to corrupt the youth. It’s sad that there are vulnerable, ignorant, people out there who want to believe a comic book telling a story that many young people want, and need, to see, a harmless story about love, is a sinister plot to, I don’t know, spread immorality or some shit.

But if Mandel can secure one vote in Ohio from a granddad worried that some nice innocent boy is going to pick this comic book off the spinner rack at the local drug store and, later, while sipping soda pop through a straw, suddenly come out of the closet and join Satan’s Army of Sin, then I guess it was worth it.

Comic books have always reflected the times. They’ve always been political, in one way or another. The suggestion from toxic fans that this isn’t true is ahistorical. And look, many of the people who hate the idea of a bisexual Superman, even if the Superman we’re talking about isn’t the Last Son of Krypton himself, are white, cishet men like yours truly. Oy, my dudes. I hope, one day, we stop throwing tantrums every time there are changes to our beloved culture, changes that make our world bigger, broader, more diverse, and boundaryless. There is so much room in an open heart.

DC Comics were so smart to do this early in the week and milk all of this free publicity.

October 13, 2021

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