Illinois’ message to the rest of the Big Ten? Stay mad

So, a whole article about fans and their interaction and loyalty to a program. What the hell is this? Illinois is going to be ranked in the top ten and probably top five of CBB this season. They are going to be good. And all we get is a commentary about Hunter Dickenson hating on Illinois and their fans? Come on. Illinois handed Dickenson his lunch last year. Illinois beat the sh!t out of Michigan last year twice.

How about writing something about this team?

Among those very good players are Cockburn, one of the more dominant big men in the league…

Are you kidding me? One” of the more dominant big men? He’s going to be a candidate for National Player of the Year. He’s going to be a back-to-back All-American. Quit downplaying this team and its players.

I keep waiting for The Athletic to have a dedicated CBB section for Illinois, but of course… nothing.

October 12, 2021

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