Media ignore a monster story — the brainwashing of Covid zombies

Eric Boehlert writes about how the press keeps describing such people as vaccine hesitant,” which he thinks (and I think) trivializes the problem.

A recent Wall Street Journal report on a deadly Covid surge in West Virginia driven entirely by the unvaccinated noted, Early on, the state excelled at vaccinating people in nursing homes and others who were eager to get the shot, but then it ran into a roadblock of hesitant people, state officials say.” [Emphasis added.]

West Virginia ran into a roadblock of hesitant people,” the newspaper reported, and that was it; the Journal delved no further into the how or the why. Fact: The unvaccinated phenomenon in America represents the story of Covid today. But the press tip-toes around it, pretending it’s normal for millions of Americans to risk death by refusing to take a vaccine that’s been administered billions of times worldwide.

But read the whole piece. Someday when all this is over — or at least contained — there will be a ghastly statistic of how many people were killed by this thing. And even folks who lived through it will shake their heads and wonder how, oh how, it got that bad.

A lot of people in this country would rather die than get vaccinated…and some will get their wish. 

September 22, 2021

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