Norm Macdonald would hate this obituary for Norm Macdonald

Drew Magary, writing for SFGATE, has a brilliant obit for the eternally funny Norm Macdonald. The whole thing is quite good, but I really like this take:

It didn’t even matter to him if other people got his jokes, especially if he didn’t know them. He was an alien: watching humanity comfortably from a hovering spaceship, clinically evaluating us like some kind of hilariously ignorant deity. Most people aren’t willing to live and think this way. Most people can’t. Most people are part of society, and cast a side-eye at those who are not. That’s why they can attempt to replicate Norm’s cool detachment — and Lord knows they have — but lack the actual detachment to pull it off.

All true.

It’s hard to pick one favorite Macdonald bit, but his portrayal of Turd Ferguson on Celebrity Jeopardy makes me laugh every damn time I watch it.

September 15, 2021