Texas Republicans Think Masks Are Tyranny And Wombs Are Property

John DeVore has a few thoughts on Texas Republicans.

Texas abortion law banning most abortions after six weeks, as well as allowing random private citizens to sue abortion clinics, went into effect today. The law is dishonest and backward and a successful attack on the landmark Supreme Court ruling Roe v Wade’ that freed women to make decisions about their own bodies.

I wrote this essay about reproductive rights a couple of years ago when these kinds of laws were just being written. Now, the second-most populous state in the Union has passed one. A state, mind you, that thinks wearing masks during the mass outbreak of a deadly infectious disease is tyranny. I was right then and I’m right now:

You can’t reason with these pious old hypocrites, either. They talk like lawyers but froth like zealots. A crusader can’t be convinced his crusade is folly. They are unmoved by immigrant children kept in cages but firmly believe a pinch of reproductive tissue is a full-born baby. How can you argue with that? These are the same men who preach about small government but also want to tattoo Property of Uncle Sam” inside every American womb. It’s a permanent fever.”

You cannot argue with them. It is a fool’s errand. My take on abortion is simple: Let people with uteruses do what they want with their bodies.

September 1, 2021