The Definitive Guide to Protecting your Private Information Online

Mikael Thalen, writing for The Daily Dot, has several good ideas to help protect the private information you have online. It is far too easy for nefarious scumbags to get to your info if you aren’t careful.

With so much of our lives now conducted online, it can feel overwhelming trying to remember all the services that have access to your information. Whether your email address or credit card number, it seems nearly all of our personal data has made its way online, whether we realize it or not.

Data breaches have become a common occurrence. It’s no longer shocking to see headlines detailing the exposure of billions of people’s private information.

Chances are, some of your personal information has been part of a data breach, which means trying to limit that exposure isn’t a farfetched idea—it’s something you should be actively trying to fix.

Although data breaches are an inevitable and unfortunate reality, steps can be taken to limit the fallout.

I really liked the breakdown going from Easy to Hard.

August 26, 2021