Have you ever changed your mind?

I like to think I have an open mind. I also like to think if I read something that fundamentally challenged my point of view on a topic, I would seriously consider it. Honestly, I’m not so sure.

My belief system and understanding of the world is from a place of privilege. I get that. I have a distinct POV that is not other people’s experience. Presented with an essay, a manifesto, or a persuasive argument against my core beliefs, I’m pretty sure I’d dismiss it.

I could be wrong. I could be right. However, I would love to experience something like that though. Something so profound and mind-blowing that I would switch my position or a core belief.

The best example I have is how I felt after watching several videos from Emmanuel Acho. His Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man series did open my eyes to a plethora of blindspots I had and some I’m sure I continually unintentionally express.

Have you ever read anything online or watched a video that made you change your mind about something?

June 6, 2021