Will Leitch’s Annual Father’s Day Story

Will Leitch has been posting this piece every Father’s Day since 2003. It isn’t the best thing he’s written, but it is one of the ones that I identify with most. Here’s a taste.

Until the age of 18, all I ever did was play baseball, and this time of year fills me with both wonder and deep regret. Save for occasional wiffleball games in the park, my ball-playing days are over. I think back to Little League often. More than I should.

There was one coach, in particular, who current overbearing kids’ league coaches would be wise to emulate. I played for many, many teams and even more coaches, even people being paid simply to coach, and no one ever came close to the guy who coached our V.F.W. team in the Jaycee League, ages 8–10.  

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June 17, 2021