A Beautiful Life

Rebecca Toh answers what it means to live a beautiful life.

A beautiful picture of your life isn’t the same as a beautiful life.

A beautiful life isn’t about loving yourself or loving others but loving both yourself and others.

A beautiful life looks like a vase with scars on it because it was once broken but someone took time and effort to patch the pieces back together.

A beautiful life cannot be planned or executed perfectly but can be experienced fully.

A beautiful life is honest. But honesty isn’t possible until you learn to see and acknowledge and tear down all the walls you have built up in order to protect yourself.

A beautiful life is one lived awake, or one lived trying to be awake. A beautiful life is full of trying.”

A beautiful life is beautiful despite cancer, business failures, the loss of a marriage, financial mistakes.

A beautiful life is knowing you are nothing and everything.

A beautiful life is something you’re already living.

Enjoy every moment of it.

A perfect list of beautiful sentiments. I wish I could live up to them.

May 7, 2021