Stupid is as Stupid Does

Derek Thompson, writing for The Atlantic, wondered about all of these batshit crazy people who are refusing to get the vaccine.

What are they thinking, these vaccine-hesitant, vaccine-resistant, and COVID-apathetic? I wanted to know. So I posted an invitation on Twitter for anybody who wasn’t planning to get vaccinated to email me and explain why. In the past few days, I spoke or corresponded with more than a dozen such people. I told them that I was staunchly pro-vaccine, but this wouldn’t be a takedown piece. I wanted to produce an ethnography of a position I didn’t really understand. […]

This is the no-vaxxer deep story in a nutshell: I trust my own cells more than I trust pharmaceutical goop; I trust my own mind more than I trust liberal elites.

Dear no-vaxxers,

You have misplaced your trust. You are stupid.

Scientists and doctors are smarter than you about this subject. You are ignorant of this subject. Do not think your ignorance is better or just as good than others with knowledge, experience, and intelligence.

It is not.

You are being stupid. Stupid people get others killed.

Have your tried not being stupid?

May 5, 2021