Pearl Jam Announces Deep’

Daniel Kreps, writing for Rolling Stone, has the story on this new Pearl Jam archive.

Pearl Jam are offering fans an immersive plunge into the band’s live archives with their newly announced Deep, a digital collection of nearly 200 Pearl Jam concerts spanning from 2000 to 2013.

The just-launched Deep hub on Pearl Jam’s official site allows visitors to access 186 bootlegs and 5,404 tracks from the past two decades, with each gig accompanied by show descriptions written by members of the band’s Ten Club fan club.

This is pretty amazing. I wish I was a bigger Pearl Jam fan.

I’m not much of a bootlegger either, so finding cool bootlegs in shady record stores never was my scene. I would imagine it’s a dream for the average Pearl Jam fan.

Now, if Gene and Paul would do this for the KISS catalog that would get me to pay attention. Yes, I know there’s a new Off the Soundboard series coming.  Maybe this sort of thing will come out once the End of the Road tour plays its last show.

May 10, 2021