We’re in a Time Loop of Time-Loop Movies

Miles Surrey, writing for The Ringer, has some thoughts on the recent run of time-loop movies.

Whether or not you currently have the mental fortitude to endure a time-loop binge in the middle of our loopy monotonous reality, there is a reason we keep getting drawn into these stories. There’s the allure of second chances, the hope of breaking a bad cycle, and the promise that it can actually be done with enough self-actualization. Shaking free of banality can happen only by taking things one slightly less repetitive day at a time.

The list of recent time-loop movies is interesting mostly because I hadn’t really thought about it until this article pointed it out. Maybe I was just reliving it all again and again. Also, we are probably due for body-switching movies (Freaky Friday, The Hot Chick, etc.) to be a thing again.

March 4, 2021