We Are Idiots

Kevin Drum explains that people are idiots because they can’t understand a few simple facts about COVID-19.

We know this relationship. It’s obvious and well established. If cases start to rise, then deaths will start to rise a couple of weeks later. By then, however, it’s too late to do anything. We just have to ride it out.

And yet, time after time, we ignore it. We see that the case count is declining and start opening things up well before the count is even in the general neighborhood of zero. When the case count begins to plateau, we look the other way and hope that it’s just a blip. When it becomes clear that it’s not a blip, we shrug because, hey, there’s nothing we can do about it now.

He’s not wrong.  I hate these people who refuse to wear masks because they’ve decided the pandemic is over. It’s not over and the more they open up/close up, the longer it’s going to take to get back to normal.

Still, the great awakening is coming. If everyone would just get the vaccine, I’d feel better marking a day we might all come out of hiding.

March 31, 2021