Tom Brady

I really don’t watch much NFL and I do have a soft spot for the Super Bowl, but Tom Brady’s dominating presence for so many years is… annoying? Bothersome? Tiresome? I don’t know, so I turn to two writers who definitely know more than me about sports and Tom Brady specifically: Will Leitch and Drew Magary. 

Tom Brady Isn’t Supposed to Be Able to Do This by Will Leitch. 

Brady is still, somehow, at the age of 43, an uncannily brilliant quarterback, still with that sixth sense of when to throw it, and where. His line in Super Bowl LV is cartoonishly perfect: 21-for-29, 201 yards, three touchdowns, no interceptions. If any other quarterback in the NFL did that in the Super Bowl, we’d say they were a breakthrough talent who will revolutionize the league and the position. When Brady does it, we throw something at our screen and proclaim how sick of that guy we are.

Tom Brady Is Just Fucking Impossible by Drew Magary.

After all, the whole reason you watch sports is for the impossible. For THIS. Tom Brady is the greatest football player of all time. If you wanna call him the greatest athlete of all time, by all means. I won’t fight you. I’m too tired to do that. I ran out of gas well before the man himself. I am beaten, and so is anyone else who ever dared to test Tom Brady. He can’t be beaten. It doesn’t happen.

I think the answer is “inevitable.”

February 9, 2021