Why Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors” Needs a TV Show

Lindsey Romain, writing at Nerdist, has an interesting article about the making of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors album.

Buckingham and Nicks were a folk-rock duo from the Bay Area, and also a romantic pair. Buckingham’s guitar skills impressed Fleetwood, who invited him to join the band. He agreed on one condition: Stevie Nicks had to join, too. They were the magic ingredient that finally made Fleetwood Mac the superstar band it was always meant to be. And their success reached its highest point in 1977 with the release of Rumours, one of the best-selling albums of all time.

A lot of chaos followed (which we’ll get to in a moment). But Fleetwood Mac endured. Through breakups and beatdowns, they always rose through the ashes. In the 90s, they found new success when they played at Bill Clinton’s inauguration. That led to a reunion album, The Dance. Ryan Murphy brought the band to the Millennial set in the 2000s when he featured them on Glee, and later Nicks on American Horror Story. And we have TikTok to thank for Gen Z’s sudden obsession with the group.

These new fans might not realize just how wild the full Fleetwood Mac story is. Especially the recording of Rumours. It’s a delicious bit of music history, full of drama and intrigue that would be absolutely perfect fodder for a multi-part TV adaptation. In fact, we’re stunned this hasn’t happened yet.

I’ve always thought this as well, especially after watching the Classic Albums episode. All the parts of that episode are here.

February 7, 2021

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