I Sure Hope You’re Happy, Gina Carano

John DeVore sure hopes Gina Carano is happy with her anti-semitic social media posts and anti-mask wearing social media posts, and the rest of her general shitty posts.

I think it’s super disappointing Carano showed us who she is but maybe it’s for the best, for her and for Star Wars fans. I liked her performance as Cara Dune, she had Han Solo’s swagger. And while I think it sucks the show is losing her, The Mandalorian did introduce incredibly strong female characters in the second season, just absolute royal badasses like Battlestar Galacticas Katee Sackoff and Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka, the popular wandering Jedi. So fans will soldier on, I suppose.

Ironically, Carano’s co-star Pedro Pascal, the titular Mandalorian, was also in the news this week joyfully supporting his sibling, a trans woman. There is a subtle difference I’ll point out between Pascal and Carano: Pascal was celebrating someone he loved and Carano enjoys sitting on her couch wondering how she can upset strangers on internet message boards.

It really is too bad that Star Wars was just her day gig and her real passion was being an asshole online. She’s now proudly bragging that she signed a new film deal with pundit Ben Shapiro’s The Daily Wire. I guess the plan, all along, was to use the most successful Hollywood franchise in history as a platform to audition for a conservative clickbait website.

I hate having to say this, but it’s about time. Now just go hire Lana Parrilla or Lucy Lawless and move on.

February 14, 2021