No one Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

Bradford Doolittle, reporting for ESPN:

No player on the Hall’s 2021 Baseball Writers’ Association of America ballot reached the 75 percent threshold needed for enshrinement in Cooperstown. The results of the voting were announced by Hall of Fame president Tim Mead on MLB Network on Tuesday night.

The leading vote-getter was controversial pitcher Curt Schilling, who was named on 71.1 percent of the ballots, 16 votes shy of the minimum needed for selection. Schilling was followed by all-time home run leader Barry Bonds (61.8 percent) and 354-game winner Roger Clemens (61.6) in the voting.

I will never get this. It’s pretty obvious Bonds and Clemens should be added to the Hall. No one cares about the PED crap.

The others are borderline and, of course, Schilling is an asshole which makes it difficult for voters to put him in while he’s still being an asshole. I mean, I’m 100% positive Pete Rose is getting into the Hall of Fame, but not until he passes away. I’d bet hard-earned money next year’s class will include Bonds, Clemens, and Alex Rodriguez.

January 28, 2021