Apple Watch Series 7 Rumored to Feature Blood Glucose Monitoring

MacRumors has posted, well, a rumor that the next Apple Watch will have a blood glucose monitor that eliminates the need for fingersticks, testing strips, and a separate glucose monitor.

Apple is said to have secured patents around blood glucose monitoring, and the company is now purportedly focusing on securing reliability and stability prior to commercialization of the technology.” The Apple-designed optical sensor is believed to be a skin-top continuous monitoring solution that does not require an implant.

Rumors suggest that Apple has been interested in adding blood glucose monitoring to the Apple Watch for some time. The company reportedly established a team of biomedical engineers and consultants specifically working on sensors for non-invasively monitoring blood sugar levels in 2017, and work on the sensor reportedly progressed to trials at clinical sites in the San Francisco Bay Area. Apple CEO Tim Cook has even been spotted testing what was believed to be a prototype glucose monitor connected to his Apple Watch.

This is the holy grail of features on a smartwatch. I do not have an Apple Watch, and I might consider getting one if this was available. If consumers could move away from the ecosystem of diabetes management, including needles, strips, readers, etc. and just wear a watch, it would put so many companies out of business. It’s a quantum shift game changer if the information it provided is reliable and accurate.

January 25, 2021