Paul Stanley’s Soul Station

I’m not sure how I feel about Paul Stanley covering O-O-H Child.”

The idea of Stanley turning into Rod Stewart-doing-the-American-songbook era of his career is oft-putting. I don’t dislike what he’s doing here, it just isn’t something I’d actively go out and purchase or even be remotely excited about. I’m not also all that fond of the song and much prefer his version of Ohh Ohh Baby.”

To be perfectly honest, I hope he got all of this out of his system and can focus on creating a new KISS album. He always says he’s not really feeling” a new KISS record nor does he want to tarnish what was done before.

If I was the KISS manager, Doc McGhee (I’m not), I’d be pushing to get the band into the studio to cut a new album and generate some buzz for the resumption of the KISS End of the Road tour as well as figuring out how to reacquire the master recordings to all of their music and rights to their videos. It seems obvious to me it’s time for the band to start taking the reigns outside of working with a traditional label or partners.

On the other hand, I am a sucker for behind-the-scenes recording/making-of documentaries. Again, I’m not totally sold on this era of his career, but he is having a great time and he surrounded himself with the best musicians in the business.

One thing’s for sure, Paul’s voice sounds really strong with this type of music. I Do sounds great.

January 19, 2021