Star Wars Meets Rock and Roll

No one cares how you struggle after the lights go out”

In the summer of 1981, I turned 13. My life revolved around comic books, Star Wars, and KISS. I’m pretty sure my brain would have exploded if I had heard about Halyx. 

Live From the Space Stage — A Halyx Story is a crowd-funded documentary about a band that only existed for one summer, but what a band. A spectacularly weird concept that might have really been something if things had turned out differently. Just imagine if their first album masters wouldn’t have been trashed? What if Hey There Boys” was slipped to a few rock stations? What if?

Watching this incredible documentary, I longed to be 13 and living in the shadow of Disneyland. I always wondered what it would have been like growing up where a major amusement park was located. Season tickets would have been a forgone conclusion. If I had been 13 and stumbled onto this band, I’m positive I’d be just like Rick Damigella, who opens the documentary. 

Mind blown. Hooked for life.

Matthew Serrano’s film made me tear up and feel a longing for something I never experienced. I would love it if somewhere out there, a full concert show existed, and it was posted to YouTube.

If had a time machine, there are lots of places I’d want to visit and experience. Seeing a Halyx show would be one of the top ten.

For one glorious summer, an experimental, sci-fi band rocked Disneyland’s space stage. With a bass-playing Wookie and an acrobatic frog, the band’s existence is nearly unbelievable, and the story behind its creation is just as incredible. This is Defunctland’s first feature film, Live From the Space Stage: A HALYX Story. Please enjoy.

September 4, 2020