The 2020 Season

Baseball during the time of COVID-19

Mark Feinsand, writing for, has outlined the Major League Baseball official announcement of a 60-game regular-season schedule to begin on July 23 and 24.

MLB has submitted a 60-game regular-season schedule for review by the Players Association. In order to mitigate travel, the schedule would include 10 games for each team against its four divisional opponents, along with 20 games against the opposite league’s corresponding geographical division (for example, the AL East will play the NL East, and so on). […]


The designated-hitter rule will be used in both leagues in 2020, part of the league’s health and safety protocols for this season.

I’m really surprised the health and safety protocols passed inspection by the player’s association, but here we go. Putting that aside and the what-ifs of players/coaches contracting the virus and what that could mean for a club, this seems… fine. I still think they should have canceled the season, but I’m not the one with millions of dollars on the line.

The new rules are a bit of a trip. I hate the runner on second to start extra-inning games, but it won’t be carrying over to the 2021 season. However, the DH, which I don’t really hate, most definitely will. No more pitcher’s batting. I suspect that’s a good thing.

Masks in the dugout? Whatever. 

Also, am I missing if fans are going to be permitted inside the stadiums? Maybe for just the playoffs?

June 26, 2020