Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Back to the final frontier

Finally, we will have a Star Trek show that sounds like what I’ve been hoping we’d get for quite some time.

CBS All Access has ordered a full series of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, based on the years where Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) helms the U.S.S. Enterprise.


The series will feature Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 fan favorites Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One, and Ethan Peck as Science Officer Spock.


The series will follow the trio in the decade before Captain Kirk boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise, as they explore new worlds around the galaxy. 

I wrote a modest proposal way back in 2001 that asked for several things.

1. The new Star Trek should take place in the future onboard a starship named Enterprise.


2. The new Star Trek probably needs to go back to basics and have a maverick, white, Americanized, male captain


3. The new Star Trek can kill two birds with one stone with a black woman first officer.


4. The doctor/counselor should be a race we have seen before, but not on a Federation ship.


5. The engineer should have an ability unheard of before


6. The head of security should be what Tasha Yar aspired to be.


7. The young fresh-faced ensign is an integral part of the cast.


8. The science officer — See Real Genius


9. Something that hasn’t been done before that can connect this series with the previous.


10. Stories, Stories, Stories.

I got the first two in spades, except it’s not set in the future of the Star Trek timeline. I did not anticipate a series focused on Captain Pike, so #3 and #8 don’t really work, but the solution to #9 is interesting. Plus, #4 — #7 hold some intriguing ideas. Lastly, #10 goes without saying. For this series, I might make the idea I had for the science officer part of the engineer’s character.

No air date has been announced, but depending on the timing, but what with Discovery and PicardShort Treks and the forthcoming Star Trek: Lower Decks all in some stage of production, it’s possible that Trek enthusiasts could wind up with an unprecedented four five different series airing concurrently to geek out over argue about.

I’m looking forward to learning more and casting.

May 17, 2020