Thank God for the Internet

What the hell would be happening now without it?

Josh Topolsky, writing at Input, has some smart thoughts on how the internet has completely made a difference during our new Work from Home situation.

But thank god for the internet. What the hell would we do right now without the internet? How would so many of us work, stay connected, stay informed, stay entertained? For all of its failings and flops, all of its breeches and blunders, the internet has become the digital town square that we always believed it could and should be. At a time when politicians and many corporations have exhibited the worst instincts, we’re seeing some of the best of what humanity has to offer — and we’re seeing it because the internet exists.

Now, I’m not letting Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos off the hook, but we also can’t deny that there is still good, still utility, still humanity present here — and it’s saving us in huge ways and little ones, too. In the shadow of the coronavirus, the sum of the good” internet has dwarfed its bad parts. The din of a connected humanity that needs the internet has all but drowned out its worst parts. Oh, they’re still there, but it’s clear they aren’t what the internet is; they’re merely the runoff, the waste product.

Now I can imagine what sheltering at home in, say, 1986 would be like because I remember that time. What I think about is my 17-year-old stepdaughter, who is now probably not going to have a real high school graduation and might even have to start her collegiate career e-learning instead of meeting her roommate, classmates, and professors in person.

At least we have the internet… and it’s working about as beautifully as possible.

April 5, 2020

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