KISS Cover Band Guitarist Leaves To Start Vinnie Vincent Invasion Tribute Band

KISS fan website KISS Asylum pointed me to an old Onion article that made me laugh.

AKRON, OH—Citing growing tensions between bandmates, Harvey Shapiro—aka VeeVee,” the guitarist for KISS cover band Destroyer—left the group Monday to create VeeVee’s Occupying Force, a Vinnie Vincent Invasion tribute band. I felt I had hit a creative ceiling with the cover-band experience and was ready for the challenges of a tribute band,” Shapiro said. VeeVee’s Occupying Force will debut Dec. 3 at Rubber City Lanes. We’re opening for Second Sighting, my brother’s Frehley’s Comet cover band.” As a part of his new band’s act, Shapiro said he is contemplating suing Destroyer for $6 million over damage to his reputation following some badmouthing at the Rock N’ Bowl.

It’s the Frehley’s Comet cover band that made me almost snort.

October 2, 2019