Typewriter and Publisher

M. G. Siegler, writing at his site 500ish, takes us through his experience with iPad OS and in particular Safari.

Now that this Safari is just like the desktop Safari — like real Safari — we’re all good.

No, I don’t know what took Apple so long to make this change either.

While all of this may seem like a relatively small thing, it’s massive to me. Because it means I can further cut the laptop out of my life. And, of course, I have aspirations, as always, to write more. And while the small hurdles I mention above shouldn’t really have slowed me down much, even just the cognitive load always did. Knowing that I would have to save to publish later, when I got back to my desk, as it were.

I’ve long hoped to get back to a more casual form of blogging. And I do think this will help. Again, it’s silly, but even just typing on this iPad and knowing I can hit publish, makes it feel more informal to me.

The iPad can be my typewriter and my publisher.

This makes me want to bite the bullet and just get an iPad Pro and a keyboard and make it my main machine. I’d still have to keep the old MacBook Pro tethered as a desktop machine when I need it, but that’s okay.

September 7, 2019

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