The Resentment of Joker

After reading David Edlestein’s review in Vulture of Joker, I’m even surer I’m going to hate everything about this film.

I don’t see many movies anymore. My life is busy. However, it seems obvious to me the movie is a pastiche of Taxi Driver and King of Comedy with DC Comics intellectual property sprinkled in. I’m actually tired of these types of approaches to comic book movies. There is no joy here. Of course, movies can be depressing, but most of the time I don’t want a movie to depress me. I expect Joker will be depressing. Maybe even one-note.

Imagine if Marvel decided to make a movie called Dr. Doom. It’s a story about a beautiful and smart peasant boy, Victor Von Doom, living in the made-up country of Latveria. He gets an opportunity to attend a prestigious university in the United States leaving the woman he loves to a cruel prince. A freak accident scars his face and creates havoc with his vanity (and sanity). He melds the occult teaching of his mother and futuristic science to create a mask to hide his face and a powered armored suit, He returns to Latveria as Dr. Doom to take back the love of his life and ultimately to become dictator of Latveria.

No Fantastic Four, no Avengers. No Iron Man. It might be an interesting story and with a charismatic lead it might generate excitement, but it’s a movie that will never, ever get made. Why? Because Marvel movies don’t work that way. Good comic book movies don’t play well that way in the theater. It may make a lot of money, but it derails the train in the process. It kills sequels and merchandise tie-ins

Kevin Feige understands this. I have no idea if Walter Hamada does.

The DCU is focusing on individual stories and not an interconnected universe. When will they ever learn this is the wrong approach?

If I was running Warner Brothers and the DC Cinematic Universe, I’d do what I proposed back in June on Medium — A Crisis on Infinite Earths movie event that takes everything in the DC movie universe and turns it into one continuity.

September 12, 2019

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