The Speculative Review

I hate this guy.

Rob Bricken, writing his Nerd Processor column in the OneZero publication on Medium, thinks the new Star Wars-themed Galaxy’s Edge amusement park is too real. The thing is… he hasn’t even been to the park. He hasn’t set foot inside, rode the rides, tasted the food, and interacted with the cast members” who work inside. None of it.

This guy wrote 1,400 words about an amusement park he hasn’t visited yet, but is worried it’s too authentic. He’s got almost 2,000 claps. This motherfucker wrote a review about a place he’s never fucking been to. Can I get a job writing 1,400 word pieces about, I don’t know, movies I’ve never seen? Music I’ve never listened to? Video games I’ve never played.

There is absolutely zero value to this article for the reader. Please don’t read it.

August 2, 2019