Pen and Paper

Om Malik, writing on his blog, explains why pen and paper are good for you.

…here are my top reasons for sticking with pen and paper:

  1. Paper and pen help you recall things better. They activate the reticular activating system,” which allows us to filter out unnecessary information. This is in stark contrast to social platforms, which fill us with nonsense by the second.

  2. It is faster to write on paper and pen. Many of us just can’t type fast enough. Also, it is easier to scan a piece of paper and retrieve the information.

  3. Paper is highly portable. A piece of paper and a small pencil or pen don’t need much space. And it never runs out of batteries (though, there is a risk of running out of ink).

  4. Paper and pen allow you to focus, as there are no notifications in a notebook. When taking notes in a notebook, you are unlikely to be distracted with the latest tweet from your friend or the President.

  5. Google (or Facebook) can’t track it — yet.

August 17, 2019