Zach Snyder’s Watchmen

Matthew Rozsa, writing in Salon, revisits 2009’s Watchmen.

If there is any major flaw in the 2009 movie Watchmen,” it is that it is nowhere near as good as the graphic novel — but this is hardly the fault of the movie. Watchmen” is a complex story, one that required hundreds of pages to sufficiently develop, and it would have been impossible to do all of the material justice in a feature-length film. Yet even this flaw has a silver lining: Countless people who saw the movie in theaters, and were blown away by it, decided to read the graphic novel precisely because of that cinematic experience (I count myself among them). It is a testament to the film’s quality that it could inspire people to want to read the original book instead of turn them away from it or make them feel like they’ve already had enough of that particular universe. This, more than anything else, is the best thing that the Watchmen” movie has going for it.

Personally, it’s the only Snyder film I’ve truly enjoyed. Although, I do like Sucker Punch as this personal vision quest thing” he put together. Watchmen is just ahead of its time with most critics not getting it. In that it reminds me a lot of the much maligned Speed Racer.

July 23, 2019