Jack of all Trades, Master of None

I’ve been thinking about my own personal focus for several weeks now. I’m trying to be more focused with my family, focused with my job(s), and focused on my personal projects. My problem is I tend to go scattershot with my attention and then I run into problems.

This blog, for instance, has no theme or niche. It is about a lot of different things that interest me. Does that mean it’s not really about anything?

I try hard to be a good husband, father, step-father, employee, writer, copywriter, editor, etcetera, etcetera. Can I be great at those things too? Do I need to pare down my list to be great at the most important? Is good enough… good enough?

I like writing about pop culture, productivity, Apple products, politics, being a dog owner, and a bunch of other things. Then I wonder if I’ve put a whole bunch of unrelated eggs in one basket and now can’t give any of these topics enough mental attention and focus.

Being a jack of all trades and master of none seems like a well-rounded place to be. However, I can’t seem to shake the idea that only scratching the surface of whatever is interesting me at the time isn’t as fulfilling as holding a stronger focus on one thing. Additionally, I then can’t figure out the one thing to focus on.

Back to thinking about my personal focus. Maybe I’ll have an action plan soon.

May 30, 2019