Selling Tumblr

I used to have a site on Tumblr. It was kind of a commonplace book of quotes, images, and videos. It took up loads of time to no one’s benefit, so I killed it after about two years. I kind of miss it. Every now and then I get the urge to make another Tumblr site and unload all the quotes, images, and videos I accumulate. I dunno. It probably isn’t worth my time.

I know there are some amazing Tumblr blogs still in existence, but I’m not sure the reason why people have kept them. Of course, there are likely millions of abandoned Tumblr blogs too. Apparently, there are 465.4 million blogs and 172 billion posts on the site. Those numbers still mean something, although I’m not sure what other than people still really like the service. And it’s free.

Tumblr, as a platform, is in a weird spot. It doesn’t really have a direction or a focus. There’s plenty of community there still around, but I can only imagine how jaded many of them are with all the ownership changes and the banning porn debacle. It used to be a place for digital creatives and a hub for the weird internet.

Recently, Verizon, who somehow now owns Tumblr, wants to unload the service. Not a huge surprise because they lost billions when they bought all the Yahoo! properties and squandered any good will the platform and its users may have had with its corporate overlords.

I have no idea who should buy it or for what reason a responsible company could have for doing so. Molly McHugh, writing for The Ringer, made a list that includes Pornhub and Giphy. I don’t know.

Who could actually reenergize the platform?

May 3, 2019

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