Puzzle Peace

Patrick Rhone, writing in his email newsletter, tells the story of minimalists and maximalists, puzzles and preconceptions. It is smart and exactly what I needed, especially the last part.

The difference between the puzzle being a soul-draining burden or something that brought me peace was all in how I chose to see and engage with it. The problem” with being a minimalist living with those who are not is that way too. I can’t change who my wife and daughter are or the stuff that brings them joy. All I can do is accept them as they are. By accepting them as they are I am also accepting all the stuff that they bring. But what I can change is me. I can grumble less about it all and open my heart to the possibility that not all the stuff is useless. That some of it might actually be a benefit to me. And only through compassion, acceptance, and love will I ever know.

May 22, 2019