My Star Wars Episode IX Predictions

Star Wars has dominated my life since I was nine years old. The only other thing” that impactful was probably hearing KISS Alive! at my friend Mark’s house quite possibly that same year.

Since the sequel trilogy kicked off, I’ve been wondering how the whole saga might end. Unsurprising to no one who knows me, I have several ideas and scenes where J. J. Abrams will go with the final film in the sequel trilogy. These are not spoilers because the film doesn’t come out for several months and I’m just guessing and hoping here. These are educated assumptions. At best.

It may turn out that all my ideas are shite and J. J. has it all covered. It may also turn out that I’m going to like my ideas better than whatever Disney has conjured up. In any case, here are my tidbits and teases of what I want to see in Star Wars Episode IX (in no particular order).

April 9, 2019

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