An Ode to Adam Wainwright

Will Leitch, writing for, compares St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright to Billy Chapel, the main character in the book and movie For the Love of the Game. Wainwright has finessed and struggled to still be a Major Leaguer at age 37. This go around will surely be his last.

The hope for Cardinals fans is Wainwright gets his own Billy Chapel moment in the sun. It doesn’t have to be a perfect game. It just has to be something fans will remember.

Baseball pitching is a young man’s game now. The veteran crafty pitcher who can make batters look like fools is a retiring breed. Of course, Wainwright can still make a batter look ridiculous and his curve ball can still freeze you in the box. However, it’s obviously harder and harder to find that reserve of magic.

Here’s hoping he still has some of the old Wainwright wizardry left.

April 24, 2019