The Voice Beneath the Surface

Dan Pedersen writes about a better way of thinking.

It’s a common habit to dwell on whatever thoughts pop into our mind. We dwell on our problems. We tell ourselves stories that make us feel superior to others. We pretend that we have answers that we don’t actually have. And when we’re not tooting our own horn, we’re criticizing ourselves and other people.

A lot of these things are inner conversations we have with ourselves — a running dialogue of praise, criticism, and self-delusion. This is the type of thinking we need less of.

The irony is that when we learn to think less in that way, we learn to think more in a different way — a better way. We learn to think without thinking. Instead of creating dialogue in our mind or replaying fantasies, we learn to quiet the distortions which drown out a much more subtle and profound voice beneath the surface.

My inner monologue is so unhealthy at times. I’m not good at quieting the distortions. It is definitely something I need to continuously work on.

March 25, 2019