Extinction-Level Event

Andrew Sullivan seems quite put out by Donald Trump.

In this post-truth world, where Trump has allied with social media to create an alternate reality, lies work. This week, he approached the press corps simply repeating, No Collusion! No Collusion!” And he will continue to say this regardless of what the Mueller report may reveal, because it doesn’t matter what actually happened. Whatever Trump says will become the truth for 40 percent of the country, while the expectations of the opposition, troubled by pesky empiricism, may well be deflated. Fox, a de facto state propaganda channel, will do the rest.

This remains a surreal state of affairs, does it not? Life goes on; politics has the forms of democracy, even if the substance is now monarchical; and the economy continues to grow. And how did we respond to his usurping the power of the Congress with an emergency declaration, or his marshaling of the military for an election-eve stunt on the border, or his refusing any cooperation with the House committees, or his two-hour, delusional rant at CPAC, or his response to white nationalist mass murder by pivoting to an invasion” of the U.S., or the blizzard of simply deranged tweets last Sunday? How did we react when he said, in the context of a fight with Democrats, I have the military.” For what? Mr. President. What plans do you exactly have in mind?

Yes, we’re numb. Yes, this has become normal. And yes, as far as liberal democracy is concerned, this is an extinction-level event.

I disagree that it won’t matter what the Mueller report reveals. I think it’s what everyone is waiting for.

No one knows what the Mueller report is going to say, but I think it will show the Trump campaign and administration has been utterly corrupt from the beginning.

I don’t think 60-70% of the country is numb to the almost hourly scandals of the Trump presidency. I think they are waiting for him to be removed either by vote, resignation, or some other calamity. I think the country would rather vote for a Democrat in 2020 than Trump. The 2016 election foretells 2020.

Seriously, what everyone with a working brain really wants is Mueller to indict everyone in the Trump circle. And I mean everyone. Not just Trump and his immediate family (but that’s a good start), but everyone in the campaign, the inauguration committee (and that means Pence), and probably several members and former members of his cabinet.

Trump isn’t going to go quietly. Even if he is defeated in a 2020 election, he won’t leave until forcibly removed by the Secret Service. And then he’ll immediately be indicted by the SDNY for a variety of crimes which won’t be waved away by a federal pardon. To be honest, it’s entirely possible the SDNY will indict a sitting President for state crimes. Wouldn’t that be crazy?

In any event, I am confident the rule of law is going to ultimately win the day.

March 22, 2019