The New” Social Network

Mike Isaac, in The New York Times, has a story advocating email newsletters are better social network” than Facebook and Twitter.

For me, the change has happened slowly but the reasons for it were unmistakable. Every time I was on Twitter, I felt worse. I worried about being too connected to my phone, too wrapped up in the latest Twitter dunks. A colleague created his own digital detox program to reduce his smartphone addiction. I reckon he made the right choice.

Now, when I feel the urge to tweet an idea that I think is worth expounding on, I save it for my newsletter, The Dump (an accurate description of what spills out of my head). It’s much more fun than mediating political fights between relatives on my Facebook page or decoding the latest Twitter dust-up.

I’ve been leaning toward this for quite sometime.

With my newsletter, I saved things that I thought deserved to shared, I built up a small little audience, but I thought it was taking too much of my time and I closed it down.

I then turned to this blog to do most of what I was doing via a newsletter. I mostly wanted to have complete control over my content. Although, reading this piece makes me kinda want to restart my newsletter.

March 19, 2019