St. Louis Rams Fans Are Pissed Off

Rodger Sherman, writing for The Ringer, outlines how many people in St. Louis are going to watch” the Super Bowl.

Most folks in St. Louis will probably skip Sunday’s Super Bowl rather than watch two teams they hate. But if they must pick between the two, the answer is clear. The Patriots were probably the city’s least favorite team,” a St. Louis lawyer told the Los Angeles Times. The Rams are now the least favorite team.” There is a bar in St. Louis offering drink specials for every Patriots score—and, unbelievably, the opportunity to pee on pictures of Rams owner Stan Kroenke, who was responsible for moving the team.

He goes on to describe what happens when professional teams leave their current home for new pastures and previews the new teams getting ready to move on.

February 3, 2019